How to change earrings with tragus piercing
May 2022



How to change earrings with tragus piercing

Tragus piercings are complicated and are piercings in the skin in front of the inner ear. Because of the location, it is more difficult to retrieve earrings from here than from other piercings. It can still be removed though. Be prepared first, then remove the earrings depending on the type of earrings, and if you are afraid, you can seek professional help.


Getting ready to remove the earrings

remove the earrings

  1. 1.Wash your hands and earrings first. This step is especially important, especially when changing earrings in piercings for the first time. Wash your hands with soap and water, warm water for at least 20 seconds, and dry with a clean towel.

If you're getting a new earring, be sure to sterilize it. Wash with soap and water, then soak in alcohol for 1-2 minutes.

  change your earrings

  1. Comb your hair back.  Your hair may get in the way when you change your earrings.  It's better to pin your hair back so it's easier to change your earrings.  If you have short hair, you don't have this problem.

 Expose the earrings

  1. Expose the earrings.  When removing the earpiece from the tragus piercing, pull the skin forward so you can reach the piercing.  Place your fingers directly in front of the tragus and gently pull the skin forward.  This will expose more of the earpiece and leave room to take it out.


  1. Wash the area with alcohol to keep it clean.  Rub the perforation and surrounding skin with alcohol to disinfect and prevent bacterial residue on the skin during earring change and cause infection.



Remove different types of earrings

types of earrings

  1. unscrew the earpiece after the ball plug.  Unscrew the ball from behind the ear stud. Be careful not to drop the ball. If you do, it will be hard to find.  Once removed, the earrings can be removed.

  Remove the flat

  1. 2.Remove the flat, blocked ear studs from behind the ears.  Behind the ear, push up with your finger so that the stud is pushed forward.  Unscrew the ball in front of the earpiece, then gently push the earpiece back and remove the flat back plug from the other side.

If it is difficult to remove the earpiece, grab the earpin behind the ear with a rubber glove or tweezers.

 piercing earrings

  1. Open the seamless ring.  Part of the seamless ring can be opened, and then it can be installed back again. To remove the seamless ring, first find the gap to open the seamless ring, and then remove the seamless ring from behind the ear.  [8]


When opening the seamless ring, be very careful because the skin here is very sensitive.


4.Remove the stud from the front.  This type of earpiece has a small pin that passes through the ear, and the pin can be inserted into the earpiece.  Push the earbud forward from behind to remove the earbud in front, then gently push back to remove the earbud from behind the ear.


Take additional precautions

 ear rings

  1. Wait for the perforation to heal completely.  Do not change earrings if the piercing has not healed.  If pus is secreted and scabs form, the perforation has not healed.  And when it doesn't heal, it hurts.  Don't worry, or you may get infected.

Paying for something can take months for the tragus to heal.

Buy a ticket to see a doctor when an infected piercing can redness, swell and secrete pus (sticky pus), and don't take off your earring if you think it's infected.


  1. Put on earrings quickly.  These piercings are particularly prone to death.  To prevent piercings from dying, do not take the earrings out too long.  A few minutes is fine, but some people die in a few hours.

 professional piercer

  1. Ask a professional piercer.  Professional piercers know how to change earrings, and they can do it much easier than you can do it yourself.  If you don't feel comfortable changing your own earrings, talk to a local piercer and ask if they can replace them for you.


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