Tongue Nails 👅 Tongue nail care and advice from a piercer
Jan 2023



Tongue Nails 👅 Tongue nail care and advice from a piercer

❤️Before tongue nailing, you must first understand the whole piercing process and nursing care, be mentally prepared, and be sure to find a professional piercing place, otherwise it is really easy to get crooked or have some problems.

❤️ Tongue nailing process: mark the position at a fixed point, be sure to look in the mirror, look at the position, and see if you are satisfied. Generally, the thickness of the tongue nail rod is 1.6mm, and the length of the rod is 16mm. The basic conventional tongue nails and the better-looking tongue nails sold online are all 1.6mm. When wearing it, try to wear a tongue nail with a longer rod of 18mm or 20mm, because the tongue will be swollen during the swelling period on the second and third day after tongue nailing, and if the nail belt is short, it will sink in, and the recovery will be slow. I think the tongue nail is the least painful. The most pierced parts of my customers are tongue nails. Most of them say that it doesn’t hurt, but it’s too tense, and generally they don’t bleed. I use a catheter needle, almost no pain no bleeding.

❤️Tongue nail care: You need to buy tongue nails (non-alcoholic mouthwash, watermelon cream or spray for treating oral ulcers) light diet, spicy tobacco, alcohol, irritating food, it is best to eat liquid food a few days ago, avoid teasing If the tongue is damaged, recovery is slow, use non-alcoholic mouthwash, rinse your mouth frequently and brush your teeth, do not get toothpaste, you can take anti-inflammatory drugs orally, the first five days are the swelling period, after the swelling subsides, you can replace the tongue nail of an appropriate size, if the invagination is serious Replace long nails in time, and remember to play with nails frequently for fresh punctures to avoid wound inflammation and bleeding. The recovery is slow. It is normal for the tongue coating to turn white and thicken at the beginning, and it will return to normal when the tongue stud recovers well~

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