How to choose the right earrings according to your face shape
Jun 2022



How to choose the right earrings according to your face shape

Earring, earring is schoolgirl doting adorn article, can serve as collocation ornament, strengthen integral style, still can adorn face model cleverly make face more delicate and lovely 🧏‍♀️

All kinds of beautiful earrings decorate the face, just like the bright little stars in the night sky, the earrings are exquisite and ingenious, and the earrings are smart and shining ✨✨It is also a part of the costume, which illuminates the uniqueness like the finishing touch. of beauty.

So how do you choose your own earrings according to your face shape? I will tell you quietly 🎤!


Round Face 🌝

Perfect for long earrings. The big round face is characterized by a relatively small forehead, a short chin, wide cheekbones and compact facial features, so if you choose earrings or round earrings, it will only enlarge the features of a round face and make people look very Bloated. The long earrings have a good effect on weakening the face shape, and the hanging earrings can also better modify the face shape, which not only makes the cheeks of the face look more obvious, but also makes the facial features more three-dimensional.


Square Face 🧑

Suitable for curling or oval earrings, these rounded earrings will help to reduce the edges of the face.


Long 👦

Suitable for short earrings or earrings, girls with a long face should not choose long earrings when matching earrings, if the length of earrings is too long and over the chin, it will elongate the proportion of the face, making the face look longer, so you can match small earrings or small earrings.


Oval 👩

You can wear anything and look good with it.



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