So Sexy: 5 Popular Types of Earrings Piercings  Have you tried it?
Sep 2022



So Sexy: 5 Popular Types of Earrings Piercings Have you tried it?

Today, the location of ear piercings varies. Long gone are the days when people only had their earlobes pierced.

The tradition of piercing is actually older than you might think. Archaeologists have found evidence that people pierced their own bones 5,000 years ago. In primitive tribes, people suffered piercings because they protected themselves from demons and spirits that could have entered their bodies through their ears, which is, of course, the hypothesis of anthropologists.

Nowadays, piercings are considered body art. Both men and women like to get multiple piercings and wear a variety of earrings and earrings. Now let's take a look at the various types of piercings.

1.The Most Fashionable Daith Piercing

daith piercing

daith piercing\

daith piercing

 A person's ear has a very small fold of cartilage, which is where the so-called daith perforation is located. This point connects the top outer ridge and the inner ear above its ear canal. Due to the narrow space in this location, puncture may be difficult. But make sure everything is done correctly, because people tend not to change jewelry very often because it is not suitable for this position. Considering the small size of the place, you can't buy a large piece of jewelry. Piercing looks really cool and unique, but if you're going to do it, remember that it won't come back anytime soon. In a couple of months. This is a long time and you must clean up carefully every day to avoid inflammation.

2.Helix And Tragus Piercing

ear piercing

Here, you can see the popular idea of ear piercing, that is, the helix and the tragus piercing, which is a kind of piercing worn by modern people especially. If you like these pictures, but want to know how much pain it will cause you, don't worry. It will only sting a little. Even if your pain tolerance is low, it won't make you cry. As for follow-up maintenance, piercing requires standard procedures, nothing special. Clean the Wells regularly with a special solution purchased at the drugstore. Always do this with clean hands. Do not remove jewelry until the ear heals.

 Cartilage Earring Stud Hoop Tragus Cartilage Piercing Jewelry

This type of piercing looks cute, with pearl rings or curved barbells.

 3.Industrial Barbell Piercing

Industrial Barbell Piercing

Industrial Barbell Piercing

Industrial Barbell Piercing

This type of piercing is believed to be rare, and the earhole is located in the ear. Typically, this type of piercing involves not just one hole, but two holes through the ear cartilage. And a barbell connects the two holes together. It looks like a very small dumbbell bar is attached to the upper part of the ear. Of course, other positions are common as well, as long as it's horizontal or vertical. So how much pain would a piercing like this cause? Well, there will be two holes, which, even if tolerable, means double pain. However, you should not be afraid. It goes through cartilage, and there aren't a lot of nerve endings in that area. So the pain will not be overwhelming.

After you finish, you'll feel some pain for a few days. A damp and cold towel can help relieve the pain.

4.Cute Conch Piercing

Cute conch piercing

Cute conch piercing

A conch ear perforation is the same as a cartilage perforation because the central cartilage of the ear is perforated. This is where a lot of cartilage is. It is called a conch because it is shaped like a conch shell.

Its outer or inner conch is pierced, the lower area is usually called the inner conch and the higher area is called the outer conch.

What kind of earrings work best for this type of piercing? Conch piercings give you a lot of freedom with jewelry, and a wide variety of earrings can be made, such as hoops, studs, etc.

5.Upper Lobe Piercing

Since the healing process is quick and simple, perforation of the upper lobe may be best. Perhaps that's why this piercing is the most popular in the world. Many people start with this piercing and go on to something less common.

Pair these five piercings with matching earrings to set you apart.


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