Body Piercings - The ultimate guide for piercing enthusiasts
Nov 2022



Body Piercings - The ultimate guide for piercing enthusiasts

Tongue piercings are one of the most popular types of piercing. It's cool, it's hip, and it makes you look like a "badass" hee hee hee

Tong ring

Tongue piercings are located in the mouth and stay moist, so they take longer to heal. You must also follow all care instructions given by the piercer to ensure that you do not get an infection.

Different types of tongue piercings:

1.Midline tongue piercings.

The midline piercing is the most popular type of piercing of all. The piercings are usually located on the outermost part of the tongue and are completed in the center.

2.Lateral tongue perforation

As the name suggests, this puncture is usually on the right or left side of the tongue. Keep this tip in mind: If you eat and chew on the right side of your mouth, then you choose the left side of your tongue to Pierce, and vice versa. Snake eye piercing.

It looks just like a snake. This piercing is done by inserting two studs in front of the tongue. The two studs are actually connected by a horizontal rod that is inserted into the tongue.

It looks easy, but snake eye piercings are actually very difficult to perform, especially when it comes to follow-up care.

Horizontal and vertical tongue piercing

Both horizontal and vertical tongue piercings are located in the middle of the tongue. The piercing can be either vertical or horizontal depending on your preference, but remember that it is just one piece of jewelry that will go through it, although it may look like two different pieces of jewelry.

PS: These piercings are very difficult to fit and care for, which is why piercers often refuse to perform them for you. They can easily damage the nerves in your tongue, leaving you with bigger problems.

If you don't want to show your tongue stud in public, then this type of piercing is for you. The frenulum is located under your tongue. When you open your mouth and lift your tongue, you can see the thin skin. The lacing is very sensitive, which means you will feel pain when you get pierced, and not everyone is suitable for this type of piercing. It will depend on how your lacing is, so be sure to ask your piercer to set you up well before piercing.

Tongue piercing process

After you confirm your piercing, your piercer will ask you to rinse your mouth or rinse your mouth with mouthwash. This is to make sure your mouth is clean and ready for piercing.

After this, your piercer will take measurements to ensure that the ornament used for the piercing is the correct shape and size.

After completing all procedures, the piercer uses a pair of clamps to hold the tongue in place during the piercing. This may be a little uncomfortable, but remember that it only takes a few seconds.

The piercing needle will then create a hole in your tongue (two are used for the above types of tongue piercings) and the ornament will be inserted into the tongue. After the piercing, the piercer will disinfect the piercing and tell you how to take care of it.

Tongue piercings are something you need to prepare for

During your piercing, you need to make sure your body is healthy so that your piercing will heal properly and quickly. Make sure you get at least eight hours of sleep before getting your piercing done.

Check if you are allergic to metal to ensure that the accessories used for your tongue piercing are safe. Make sure to stay away from drugs and alcohol for at least a few days before your piercing, as you absolutely do not want your piercing to bleed uncontrollably.

Care of tongue piercings

Rinse your mouth with saline for at least one minute a day. Do this four to five times a day. This will help promote disinfection of the piercing site and keep your tongue pierced free of infection.

Do not eat beef, lamb, seafood, alcohol, spicy food, hard food, soft food such as yogurt, noodles, soup, etc., for 7 days after piercing. Drink plenty of water to promote healing. Do not eat hard to chew food until the piercing has fully healed.

Avoid drinking hot tea, such as hot tea, coffee, etc. These make your piercings swell. Be sure to drink cold drinks, including lots of water. Tongue piercings heal quickly. For most people, tongue piercings heal in as little as 6 to 8 weeks. The thing to remember is not to take out your accessories until the piercing has fully healed. If the tongue takes the ornament out, the piercing will close within an hour. If you touch it, then be sure to wash your hands first to avoid infection. Be sure to follow the care instructions to ensure that your tongue piercing heals quickly.

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