Bold and Exciting Dimple Piercing Ideas
Sep 2022



Bold and Exciting Dimple Piercing Ideas

Whether you agree or not, dimples are one of the cutest things you can have. Though the holes are tiny, they leave a super cute impact, making a person more attractive and charming. Not only dimples look enchanting, but they also make a good reason to fall in love with someone.


It might sound surprising to you that dimples are basically genetic defects. Shortened cheeks or facial muscles cause dimples. They are formed by a natural fault in your subcutaneous connective tissues that develop during embryonic development.


If it sounds complicated, then let’s simplify it for you. Dimples are typically are variation in your facial muscular structure. They are small indentations in the fleshy parts of your cheeks. As mentioned earlier, dimples are the outcome of muscle deformity and cause your cheek skin to tighten as you move it. Plus, it creates some external divots.


No matter if you know about the science that works behind this genetically-inherited trait, it looks extremely adorable. It is because they make your personality prominent and catch the attention of people wherever you go.


You would find very few people who are displeased with the idea of having natural dimples. Ironically, it is a deformity, but it is thought of as a beauty mark as well.


Besides that, dimples are genderless, that means both girls and boys have dimples. Regardless of your gender, dimples are equally popular among men and women. This is one of the reasons why dimple piercing has become the trendiest body modification.


It is not just popular because it is something new in the piercing world, but also how it helps accentuate the facial features beautifully. A lot of people have tried dimple piercing and it has changed their look completely. If you are also considering giving it a try, reading this article is definitely worth it.


From dimple piercing description, its important procedures to unique dimple piercing ideas, we have included everything here.


What is Dimple Piercing?

Also known as cheek piercing, dimple piercing is a procedure that creates an illusion that you have dimples by piercing both the cheeks. The illusion looks gorgeous without a doubt if you have it on a symmetrical position. If you have natural dimples, the process is easy. But if you don’t have them, all you need to do is go to a professional piercer who has adequate experience in piercing cheeks.


Like every other piercing, cheek or dimple piercing is painful and solely depends on your pain endurance. It is because, during piercing, the piercer rarely uses topical anesthesia. However, if your pain tolerance level is low, there is no harm in asking the piercer to apply it to alleviate the pain.


Besides this, piercers apply some over- the -counter anesthetic ointments on your cheeks before the piercing procedure.


Important Dimple Piercing Procedures

There is no doubt that dimple piercing is a crucial and critical procedure. If a qualified or professional piercer doesn’t do it, it may not only cause severe infections, but also damage important facial tissues. That is why it is important that you do not compromise on your safety.


So, if your piercing technician doesn’t use well-cleaned tools before the procedure or skips thorough cleaning procedures before piercing, your face, particularly the perforation area can get infected. So, make sure that you find one of the finest piercers in town.


Here we have enlisted some steps your piercers must perform when you are in a piercing clinic.


The piercer will allow you to sit or lie down, depending on your comfort level

The piercer will clean the cheeks, especially areas where the crucial piercing is to be done

Once your cheeks are free from bacteria and dirt, the piercer will provide an antibacterial liquid to you to rinse mouth. It will help you clean the inside areas of your mouth and will make them bacteria free.

After that, the piercer will use a surgical marking pen to determine the piercing points and mark them.

The piercer will use a sterilized needle of 14 to 16g and pierce the cheeks carefully with his hands.

Once he creates a hole on the cheeks, the piercer will insert the jewelry or ornament of your choice.


Is the Procedure Painful?

As we discussed earlier, dimple piercing is painful to some extent. Typically, you cannot ignore the pain when it comes to piercing procedures. However, the intensity of pain can be different and may vary from person to person. This individual level of pain endurance plays an important role in a discomfort feeling.


Some people find piercing pain tolerable while for others who don’t have a high pain tolerance level, it is an extremely painful procedure. To put it simply, dimple piercing involves an intense level of pain. It is because human cheek muscles have hundreds of blood vessels more than any other part of the body.


Dimple Piercing Healing Process

Since dimple piercing involves plenty of safety persuasions, its healing process also takes time. There are numerous factors that play an important role when it is about the healing process. One of those factors is the immune system that contributes to a healthy and quick healing process.


In addition to defense mechanism, the responsiveness of the person who goes through the piercing process is also crucial. That means if you don’t follow the aftercare healing process that your professional piercer suggests, the healing process will take longer than it should. According to expert piercers, the normal healing time is eight to twelve weeks.


How to Choose a Good Dimple Piercer?

This is another important aspect you need to consider when choosing dimple piercer. A number of people stress less at piercing expense and more on the piercer’s charges. Always remember that if you go to someone who charges you less and claims to provide you the best piercing process, there might be something fishy.


The first step is to search for some experienced and reputable piercers. Even if the one you choose is not located in your vicinity, consider the quality of treatment rather than your commute time.


Moreover, take out some time to study the portfolio of the piercer, either in person or online. It is always better to search for pictures of their previous clients and piercing procedures that they have dealt with.


Personally, contact the piercers and discuss their past experiences of dimple piercings. You can request piercers to share the details of how they select the position they usually propose and how they ensure it will not harm parotid pipes.


Significant Aftercare for Dimple Piercing

As said earlier, there is no way you can underestimate the significance of aftercare in the healing process. Although these things may take some of your precious efforts and time, they will be really helpful in creating the perfect dimpled face look you’ve been longing for years.


Here we have listed some aftercare tips to help you enjoy the beautiful look and perks of pierced cheeks.


It is highly advisable that when you eat, speak, or brush your teeth, try not to play with your piercing. It can put more strain and pressure on the pierced area and may result in irritation. That means when you do these things, do them very carefully.

Make sure you clean the piercing carefully and regularly. Cleaning it with a cotton ball and warm salt water is a good Not only will it clean your inserted jewelry, but also the pierced area.

Avoid using any alcoholic liquid when washing and cleaning your face as it may affect the pierced wound.

While having a bath, it is good to wash and clean the pierced area; however, make sure that you don’t use any strong antibacterial soap.

Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages and cigarette after dimple piercing

Avoid wearing make-up, applying creams or ointment on the pierced area as it may worsen the condition.


Unique Dimple Piercing Ideas

Since you’ve discovered a lot about dimple piercing, it is time to reveal some super exciting dimple piercing ideas. Although the piercing procedure is the same, you can experiment with a wide range of jewelry types to make your edgy style statement.


Cheek Piercing Stud

Cheek piercing stud is one of the most common types of dimple piercing that anyone can have. Giving you a dark, pointed look, this piercing stud creates an impression of deep dimples on your cheeks and makes them look extremely awe-inspiring.


Tiny Stud Dimple Earrings

Tiny yet sparkly, these dimple earrings reflect in the light also. They are perfect for toned cheeks and there is no doubt that they do not only accentuate your jawline, but also makes heads turn you when you go out.Stainless Steel Tragus Earrings Lip Ring Labret Stud Helix Piercing




Shining Bright Dimple Piercing

Jewels or white beads are both perfect choices for this dimple piercing as they sparkle like an exquisite bright diamond. This is one of the reasons why it has become one of the popular choices among girls. There is a large variety of high -quality beads you can choose from. However, multi-colored beads suit better on everyone’s personality.


Gold Tone Titanium

Trending and stylish, this dimple jewel is for gold lovers. With its perfect golden tone and a large sphere shape, it makes a one-to-one match with the cheeks. Since it’s relatively bigger in size, it enhances the facial features more if your cheeks are chubby.


Diamond White Gold

It is another exciting dimple piercing jewel you can choose to make your illusionary dimples look real. If budget is not your issue, there is no better choice you can have than this pair of white gold dimple piercing jewels.


They do not only perfectly enhance the lower jaw, but also serve as your style statement.


Opalite Dermal Dimple Piercing

It is another popular type of dimple piercing that is known for its colorful beads opalites. There is no denying that the colorful beads make your personality stand out. The feature that makes this design even more attractive for girls is that they can easily match its beads with the color of their clothes.


Clean, Simple and Flat Beads

Looking for something simple yet stylish? Flat beads dimple piercing is your go-to design. Mostly opted by first-timers who want something minimalistic but impactful dimple jewel, these flat, simple dimple jewels look stunning.


Silver Stud

The shiny and protruding silver studs are beautiful enough to make you fall in love with them. No matter what skin tone you have or what your natural face cut is, the bold silvers studs make your personality unique and enticing.


3mm Cubic Zirconia

The dimple piercing style is for bold people who have a strong mind and know how to live life in their own style. The tiny cubic zirconic despite its minimalistic size perfectly enhance your cheeks. If the piercing is done with three little zirconias under the lips, it is enough to take your piercing game to the next level.


Crystal Cheek Stud

Blac Chyna with her dimple piercing ruled the hearts of millions of her fans. The tiny crystal stud added a unique spark to her personality while making a perfect combination with her blonde hair. A lot of people adopted her style and had their cheeks pierced with crystal studs.


Solid Yellow Gold Dimple Piercing

Yellow gold is the second most opted style of gold lovers. Giving your personality an amazing uplift, the solid yellow gold piercing jewels depicts how strong your personality is. The gleaming gold color gives a divine look when muscles are pulled back when you smile. The shiny jewel radiates like pure light.


Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, dimple piercing creates a unique impression, especially if you choose the jewel or beads that perfectly go with your personality. The jewel types come in a wide variety and make choosing your favorite one extremely easy.


However, choosing a professional dimple piercer is of paramount importance to avoid skin or bacterial infections. The article encapsulates complete information and exciting dimple piercing ideas to help you choose the best one.


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