Difference between hand piercing and gun piercing
Dec 2022



Difference between hand piercing and gun piercing

🔫 gun piercing

▪️Advantages: cheap price, low cost, and the pain may not be so great.

▫️Disadvantages: The impact on the ears is particularly strong, the sound during the shooting process will cause shock, and the wound is not smooth.

[Because of the low price and easy operation, many nail salons will choose plastic push-type ear piercing guns, which are low in cost and easy to operate, but at the same time, the sterilization is not in place and it is easy to get infected. It is also the main cause of ear hole hyperplasia]

Hand piercing

▪️Advantages: The needle area is small, the resistance is small, the wound surface is small, the position can be grasped well when worn by hand (whether it is crooked or not is a technical problem and the needle has nothing to do), clean and hygienic, one needle per person.

▫️ Disadvantages: Almost none. If there is, is the price slightly higher in comparison? (Whether crooked or painful depends on the technique and hand speed of the piercer)

[Because of the requirements for technology and sterilization environment, hand piercing usually appears in tattoo parlors or specialized piercing shops. After all, the price is not one or two dollars worse than the price of a gun.

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