Different Types of Lip Piercing Ideas
Jul 2022



Different Types of Lip Piercing Ideas

Lip piercing is a popular form of piercing styles to add attractiveness to your personality. People often adorn it with stainless steel or other accessories to stand out in the public gatherings. Let us talk about this trending fashion and discuss the popular lip piercing ideas one can have on their body.

D.bella lip piercing

What is Lip Piercing?


Lip piercing is a body modification method that includes puncturing of lips and the surrounding area such as the chin to beautify an individual’s complexion. There are many types of lip piercings, so you can pick the one that perfectly fits your choice.

In simple words, it is a process involving the creation of artificial holes on your lips to insert ornaments. As of today, there are various types of lips piercing having different names such as Madonna piercing and Medusa piercing.

When it comes to piercing, it seems people have loved it for years to decorate their body. Looking at the various lip piercing ideas, one can say that it looks tremendously beautiful on every face if done right. However, before choosing the type of lip piercing, it is advisable to define and consider your facial appearance and jewelry you will like to wear because certain jewelry accommodates certain facial features.

Lip piercing has a rich history in African and American culture, and historically, people called the practice as Tembeta. The practice was popular in women. However, with time, many new variations became part of the lip piercing style to make them look masculine and appeal to both genders. Some of the best lip piercing idea includes.

Double Center Lip Piercing

Spider Bites with Bead Rings

Spider bite is a popular variation of Lip piercing idea and is popular among women. The Spider bites along with bead rings look like a perfect match and enhance the overall appearance of the wearer. The piercing takes place on the corner of the lower lip and includes wearing lip rings as ornaments.

Cyber Bites

The Cyber bite is a common lip piercing style and is for every gender. The process involves crafting an artificial hole in the center of your upper and lower lip. The method might look simple, but it might be a little painful to get in comparison to the one above.

Besides, cyber bites lip piercing can also co-exist with other styles of your choice, and you can wear various fashion accessories such as Lip ring stud or Labret Jewelry on the pierced area.

Cyber Bites



Double Lip Piercings

The double lip piercing is for those who wish to be more creative and stylize their appearance with simple touch-ups. If you want to incorporate multiple jewels around your lips, then this might be something in your checklist.

The method involves drilling two artificial holes just below the border of your lower lips. One pierced on the right side and other on the left. The double piercing method is easy to get, and you can always interchange your jewelry depending on the occasion.

lip piercing

Shark Bites

The shark bite lip piercing is for bold people who are courageous and always welcome the challenge. The style and its outlook represent bites of shark and speak the trial and hardships a person can go through to achieve his dream.

The shark bites might is a variation in double lip piercing as it involves enhancement in the area and its style. The shark bite can also be a unique addition to your personality as it involves multiple piercing below your lower lips in contrast to the traditional practice.

The process involves getting a piercing on the extreme left and right side of your lower lip. However, it is to note that this method doesn’t involve piercing over the lips; rather, it takes place below the mouth. The distinct feature of this lip piercing idea is that it includes puncturing at least four holes, instead of two, which is a common practice. Besides, you can use at least four different types of lip beads, or labret jewelry to widely intensify your outlook.

Shark Bites piercing


Double Center Lip Piercing

Double center lip piercing is for individuals who love simplicity. If you are not a fan of multiple piercing around your mouth, then this might suit your need. The double center lip piercing involves the creation of two artificial holes in the center of your lower lip.

The piercing is easy to get, and you wouldn’t feel much pain during the process when comparing it to Shark Bites. However, the only way of decoration in this type of lip piercing is by wearing two thin rings on your lip, as any other jewelry might look unpleasant.

Angel Bites Meet Labret

Angel bites and labret are two different types of lip piercing, and combining both of them would mean a more radiant appearance to your personality. If you a person who loves to try different things and blend various styles to your body, then this might be one of your choices.

The angel bites piercing is on the corners of a person’s upper lip. It is one of the perfect areas to wear lip earring and beads of a different color to stylize your body. However, combining angel bites with Labret brings one of the affectionate appearances and can help you to appeal to the audience at your favorite gatherings.

The Labret is one of the simple forms of lip piercing and usually takes place under the lower lip. The combination involves getting a puncture on the center of your lower lip along with Angel bites to enhance your complexion. Besides, it also helps to adorn yourself with multiple pieces of jewelry, and you can add more meaning to your pierced area by adding colorful lip studs or rings.

Medusa Lip Piercing

Medusa lip piercing is common among women as it signifies womanhood and can be the center of one’s beauty. Getting medusa is a bit painful than other ideas above since it involves bursting thick tissues above your lip.

The process involves getting a piercing under the center of your nose and above the upper lip. It is one simple way to get a piercing, and many people who have no idea about different piercing styles opt for this option. Additionally, you can also enhance your outlook by adding variations to the style since it fits perfectly with several other piercing ideas.

Horizontal Lip Piercing

Horizontal lip piercing is another simple yet fashionable method to decorate the area around your lip. The piercing involves getting punctured over your lip to wear ornaments. This type of piercing is also very common and is highly customizable since you can have up to four holes on your lips to fascinate your audience.

However, this type of piercing is extremely painful since it involves direct puncturing of lip’s tissue. Hence, if you have sensitive skin, then this might not be a favorable option.

Horizontal Lip Piercing

Lower Lip Barbell

Simple lower lip barbell is often advisable as starter jewelry for your lip piercing. The lower lip barbell piercing takes place just before the corners of your lower lip. This type of piercing is easy to get and can quickly heal as opposed to the ideas above.

However, this type of piercing is for those who are ready to take the challenge of lip piercing because wearing barbell through your lower lip would cause significant distress during the first days.

The Mix of Three

As its name suggests, the mix of three lip piercing involves getting a triple lip piercing around your mouth. Of course, there are multiple ways to get a mix of three lips piercing, but the ideal style includes a combination of Dahlia and Labret Style.

Dahlia is a variation of lip piercing styles and includes two punctures on the extreme corners of the lips. It is one of the popular piercing methods, and many people go for it since it doesn’t involve extreme pain and looks stunning to the audience. Besides, you can add more style to your appearance by decorating Dahlia along with Vertical Labret Style.

Multiple Piercing

Multiple piercing is for the one who is not afraid of punctures on various areas around lips. It is for people who have a deep interest in fashion and love to try new opportunities to provide a more meaningful and bright outlook to their appearance.

Besides, multiple piercing is highly customizable, and you can add your variations to the style. The process involves getting punctured on at least four areas around your lips, and some of the best multiple piercing ideas include Canine Bites.

Pain Factor during Lip Piercing

The pain during lip piercings will be almost the same as ear piercing. However, because of the sensitivity of area and concentration of tissues, the surroundings might swell after piercing. Of course, it is normal during piercing, but it brings a lot more affection and beauty to your personality.

In general, pain is tolerable, and many people describe the experience smooth and calm with just a feeling of ant-bite effect. If you have sensitive skin, you would find it a bit harder to tolerate the bursting of tissues.

Lip Piercing Healing and Caring Process

The healing process of lip piercing can vary from person to person. The recovery of the wound would take anywhere between 30 to 50 days. Not taking of care of the area and prolonging the cleanliness would make it prone to infections and you might end regretting your choice.

During the time of healing, it is essential to be careful of your health and avoid food that can prolong the healing effect. In other words, try to eat soft and liquid food such as yogurt, ice cream, and pudding to avoid pressure on the joints.

It is also advisable to quit alcohol and smoking until the healing process is complete. The smoke and alcohol can dry out the area, making it vulnerable to infections. Besides, you should also take proper care of oral hygiene and brush twice a day to counter any unwanted effects.

Here are some of the aftercare and cleaning tips you can follow to stay free from infections after getting your lip pierced.

Don’t Play or Remove Jewelry

A common mistake after getting your lip pierced is by regularly touching the jewelry and playing with the area. Since the wound is fresh, it increases the swelling and irritation, which can cause swelling and irritation. Consider jewelry to be off-limits and don’t touch it unless necessary. A clean area twice a day

It is important to clean the area at least twice a day to keep it free from bacteria and other harmful microbes. Besides, you should also wash your hands with antibacterial soap and use cotton buds or saline solution to deter any chances of infectious development.

Regularly Using Ice or Cold Compress

It is usual to feel pain after getting a piercing around your lips. You might feel swollen around your jaws and cheeks because of concentration of tissues. An ideal way to ease the tension of nerves is by placing ice or cold pads around the area for a few weeks. This helps to increase the healing process and can minimize irritation.

Wrapping Up

Lip Piercing is becoming popular among the young generations and involves getting punctures on areas around your lips. It is one way to enhance your beauty and appeal more to the audience. Lip piercing is also highly customizable, and you can have your variations depending on style and choice of jewelry.

The above post provides the highlights of popular lip piercing ideas, which you can go through to stylize your body. However, if you still not sure and find it confusing to make a choice, then going for the tradition piercing on the center of your bottom lip would be a great start.

One of the fascinating aspects of lips piercing is that it is unisex and fits on both genders without complex changes. As an end note, before going for lip piercing, it is always better to choose the jewelry you are going to wear and avoid any trouble.


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