Different types of nose rings, different ways of wearing
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Different types of nose rings, different ways of wearing

Have you had your nose punched recently? If not, might you be thinking about buying a nose ring soon? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you've come to the right place.

Here, I will share with you the details of each type of nose ring.

You will also be provided with step-by-step instructions on how to put them in your nose.

How To Put In Nose Rings

1. Nose Hoops

These are the simplest types of nose rings you can find. A nose ring is an open ring with a small bead on the end that protects your ring from falling off. If you like to change your nose ornaments frequently, then a nose band may be best for you.


How do I put it in?

The nose band is very easy to insert and remove. Start by guiding the non-beaded end of the hoop through your hole from the inside. You can track its progress from the outside using your thumb. Once it's in, spin the ring and you're good to go!


2. Clicker Rings

The Clicker ring has a hinged segment that is held in place by two small sharp teeth in the ring. These types of rings originally came with straight segments and were popular as diaphragm questioners. However, a large number of round and fancy reader rings are taking up space in the nostril jewelry niche.

How do I put it in?

Open the hinge of the answerer ring and insert the open ring into the hole. Once the ring is inside the hole, rotate the ring so that the hinge area is on the outside of the nostril, then snap the segment into the other end of the ring. Make sure you hear the click.


3.Captive Nose Rings

Also commonly referred to as a ball-closed ring (BCR), a tethered ring has a tethered ball or some other small decorative piece held in place by tension. If you're one of those people who likes the look of spherical hoops, you might as well buy your own.

How do I put it in?

Since the bead is held in place by tension, it will immediately come off as soon as you unfold your ring slightly. After that, insert it into the hole with your thumb and forefinger.

Rotate the ring so that the opening faces out of the nose and line up the small dent in the bead with its end. Now, bounce the ball back into the loop with just the right amount of pressure.


4. Horseshoe Barbells Nose Rings

These nasal rings are mainly diaphragmatic rings. However, if you have no other options, you can always flip your ring so that only the ring part is visible on the nose.

Horseshoe barbells have decorative or minimal removable beads at the ends.

How do I put it in?

Horseshoe barbells are very easy to wear and very safe. First, you must remove a bead from one end and insert the ring into your diaphragm or nostril. After rotating the ring and inserting the bead into its end, you're done!


5. Segment Nose Ring

Segment Nose Ring

Though inspired by captive rings, these rings feature a curved portion in the ring that can be popped out from the ring. The segments can be easily popped out of the ring. However, inserting the segment back into the ring might be quite tricky.
Segment rings look very sleek and minimal and do not fall-out easily. Various decorative and fancy segment rings are also available these days.

How To Put It In?

You can easily pop out the segment from the ring by pulling the ring and the segment in opposite direction. You can then insert the hole and twist it just that the opening of the ring is faces outwards.

Now, insert one end of the segment to its corresponding end in the ring and force the other end of the segment to the remaining end of the ring. If you need to take it out, pop out the segment by applying a gentle force or with the help of a plier.


6. L-Shaped Nose Stud

The L-shaped stud is probably the most common type of nose ornament. Due to its "easy insertion" nature, many piercers often use L-shaped studs as their clients' initial nose pieces. On the downside, however, these rings are notorious for falling off.

Many people use an L-shaped ring as their "go-to" ring because they can easily remove it in case they land in a situation where a nose ring may not be suitable.


How do I put it in?

Putting in the nose stud is a simple two-step process. First, insert the end of the stud into the perforation. Next, lift the ring up 90 degrees and push the rest of the stud, and you're done!


7. Fishtail Nose Ring

If you prefer to wear L-shaped nose studs, but each stud you purchase is too tight or too loose for you, then you should opt for fishtail studs.

We all come in different shapes and sizes, and so do our noses. One size stud may not fit us all. However, a fishtail nose ring can be customized in an L-shape.

Many piercers also make custom fishtail rings into L-shaped studs for customers. You can also customize the fishtail nose nail into a nose screw.


How do I put it in?

With the help of pliers, bend the fishtail ring into an L-shaped or nose-shaped screw and insert the ring into the piercing accordingly.


8. Labret Nose Ring

If all other types of nose rings annoy you on the inner surface of your nose, then the Labret nose ring may be the best for you.

The Labret nose ring consists of a pin with a decorative piece at the end and another shaft with a flat plate at the end. The plane sits inside the perforation and holds the exterior trim in place.

Labret nose rings can be threaded or unthreaded, and the installation method varies accordingly.


How do I put it in?

For unthreaded Labray nose rings, first pull the pin and shaft apart by pulling them in opposite directions. Now, insert the shaft into the perforation until you feel the tip outside.

Push the flat disc from below so that more of its tip is visible, then insert the decorative pin into the shaft. Once the dowel reaches the halfway point of the shaft, bend the dowel slightly so that it can hold the dowel firmly, thus preventing it from falling off. Finally, push until you reach the end of the shaft.

For threaded Labre rings, the pins are inserted into the shaft by rotation so that the threads in the pins interlock with the shaft.


10. Nose Bone

It is a type of a straight nose stud with a small ball at the end to hold the stud in place.

How To Put It In?

You can insert the nose bone inside the piercing by gently pushing it from outside.

11. Nose Screw

Nose screws feature a decorative piece at one end and a curve-shaped screw at the other that enables the nose ring to fit tightly against your nostril. However, many people find the nose screw uncomfortable because the screw is visible from the nostrils that often lead to awkward social conversations.

How To Put It In?

The best way to put in a nose screw is to start by lubricating the inner part of your piercing. Now, insert the end of the nose screw and rotate the ring by following the shape of the screw. Once the curved shape is inside of your nose, push the remaining stud and you’re done!


Searching for the nose ring that suits you the best might be a daunting task. After all, it’s all about trial and error.

Even if you find the jewelry that matches your personality and taste, you’re not going to wear the same piece for long. So, play with your nose jewelry as much as you can!




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  • 25 Aug 2022 Neha Shinde

    Fantastic article…Thanks for sharing such an amazing content with us.Good job.Keep it up.

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