Ear piercing location🤘Reference
Nov 2022



Ear piercing location🤘Reference


How to choose the piercing position? Don't be sloppy! ! !

The weekend is almost here, get your ears pierced during the holidays!

√ Lobe/Upper Lobe

Located in the center of the earlobe, it is a widely accepted and popular way of piercing.

Healing time: 3 weeks+

.....This classic, every beauty must have it!

√ (Helix)

The most typical cartilage piercing, located in the upper cartilage of the ear, pops in the immediate position +1 to create a double helix.

Healing time: 8 weeks+

√ Forward-Helix

Located on the front at the top of the ear, close to the tragus, fashionable double or triple piercing pop style, very eye-catching.

Healing time: 6 weeks+

Although it is the ear bone, this position is very painful, and the previous ladies and sisters have recovered very quickly. Highly recommended.

√ Conch

Divided into inner ear and outer ear, the inner conch is located in the lower part of the conch, and the outer conch is located in the upper part of the conch.

Healing time: 6 weeks+

The ear bones are thick, but! This position is less painful, and the beauties in the past have recovered very quickly. Highly recommended.

√ Tragus

It is located on the cartilage flap just in front of the ear canal, and whether the ear can be pierced depends on the size of the small ear bone.

Healing time: 6 weeks+

Less pain, faster recovery, ear point is highly recommended

rook piercing

√ Rook

The cartilage flap directly above, this position is not suitable for everyone, but the ones that can be played are very beautiful!

Healing time: 12 weeks+

√ Flat

The plane on the ear bone, as long as you avoid the acupuncture points, you can build your own triangle!

Healing time: 6 weeks+

 Industrial piercing

√ Industrial

Located on the cartilage of the ear, two ear piercings are required to pierce the star in the ear!

Healing time: 12 weeks+

Warm reminder 💖

Choose the right sterile ear piercer to prevent wound infection and inflammation ✅

Use with ear bone special ointment, the wound will heal better ✅

Choose the right location, choose the right product!

Don't be sloppy about your body!

Where is the pierced ear, and how to care for it!

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