Effects of pregnancy on women with belly button piercings
Sep 2022



Effects of pregnancy on women with belly button piercings

Belly button piercings have long been a sexy symbol for some young people, and a midrip-baring dress with a sparkly belly button accessory has become standard in all sorts of grey social venues. More than 20 years later, those teenagers with a pierced navel may have become parents.

 Pregnancy Belly buttton piercings

Effects of pregnancy on people with belly button piercings

So far, no one has studied whether belly button piercings should be removed during pregnancy, but the American Pregnancy Association has noted that if a woman has a belly button piercing during pregnancy, the holes are more likely to be stretched. When they are combined with the natural expansion of the skin during pregnancy, the sagging phenomenon can appear more serious in pregnant women, and the only way to eliminate this risk is to remove belly button piercings.

Postpartum scarring often depends on a variety of factors, and those who have already had their navel pierced can take steps to reduce the chances of scarring according to their doctor.


Should belly button piercings be Removed?

Removing the perforation before pregnancy can heal the hole before the abdominal area is propped open, thus avoiding the appearance of some special and unsightly scars.


Can remove perforation when pregnant

Once the belly starts to grow, it can be difficult for a pregnant woman to pull out her navel decoration. Pregnant women are often advised to use specialized equipment and doctors to remove umbilical rings and similar decorations, which can be tricky in some cases to make sure bacteria don't build up.

When to remove a navel piercing usually varies from person to person. Some people heal faster, so they can get rid of it later. In general, pregnant women need to keep an eye on their belly button and keep in touch with their doctor so that they can be dealt with quickly in case of an emergency.

If you want to keep your navel piercing, then you can try wearing these types of decorations

While it is not medically said to be unsafe to maintain a belly button piercing during pregnancy, not all decorations are safe, especially during pregnancy. First, pregnant women should stay away from jewelry and avoid most metal jewelry, such as steel, titanium, and gold. Because they are inelastic, they can be dangerous.

As the belly grows, these decorations can get stuck in clothing, which can be painful for pregnant women. Therefore, to reduce the risk of accidental injury, it is usually recommended to use decorations made of silicon, plastic or PTFE instead of metal ornaments.

navel piercing

How to prevent scar from piercing

Non-invasive cosmetic surgery may be too late when the piercing begins to harden and thick scar tissue forms. At that point, the patient has to undergo invasive surgery to eradicate the scar. Ambulatory surgery (local anesthesia) is usually recommended for removal of scars, stretching, or sagging that are less than moderate. There is also the option of a tummy tuck, which removes all stretch marks and other skin irregularities.


How to Reduce Risk

There is a huge difference between a pierced belly button and an intact belly button, and if you choose to Pierce your belly button within the first month of pregnancy, you need to be aware of abnormal or noticeable redness and swelling. Of course, doctors often advise patients to wait until after delivery to avoid complications such as infection that could affect the fetus and mother.

Patients who have had a navel piercing six weeks or more before pregnancy may not have to worry about these complications, but frequent testing is still necessary.

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