Fashion attitude: Nose ring
May 2022



Fashion attitude: Nose ring

In recent years, more and more people have chosen to leave marks on their bodies, such as tattoos and ear piercings. In recent years, the influence of nose rings has risen rapidly.  "Cow demon king?"  However, the editor believes that ear piercings and tattoos are not designed to make others look good, so you don't have to worry too much about others' opinions if you want to express your dark fashion attitude.

Nose rings fake septum piercing they don't need holes like stud earrings do.  The nose ring is easy to wear and you'll be a Punk party queen if you're going high on the weekend.  Take it off during the workday without compromising your Office Lady look.  Isn't it amazing how easy it is to change?


Nose ring goddess: Lady Gaga  

There's no reason why she doesn't have a nose ring on her face. She's Gaga, but a smaller one would make her look less like a cow! 

Nose Ring Queen: Rihanna  

The nose ring design that sees her to wear is not accident really, after all all the time since, she is one of the important weathervanes of tide bound, the design that individual character feels is her main choice, hang down the nose ring of type and the union of line in the people, also too beautiful!  

Nose Ring Prince: G-Dragon  

GD's nose ring is located at the nose wing rather than the nose column, which is worn by many people, because small drill money and circle money can be worn, does the boy wear nose ring also have special charm?  

Nose Ring Boy: Justin Bieber

As he's getting older, he's getting more creative with what he looks like, including tattoos and nose piercings.

If you like nose ring design very much, but are afraid to wear the pain, there are many "clip-on" earrings, nose ring can choose, you can be bold to choose your favorite style!



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