How to choose earrings for girlfriend?
Aug 2022



How to choose earrings for girlfriend?

Earrings are a must-have for girls' daily collocation. They can not only modify the face shape, but also add color to the outfit. If you want to buy jewelry for your girlfriend, you can send both earrings and earrings. For what kind of earrings are suitable for your girlfriend, you can take a look at some of the earring styles I recommend below.

Ear Jewelry Classification
Earrings can modify people's facial lines and are one of the indispensable accessories for girls. If you don't have pierced ears, seeing these exquisite earrings may inspire pierced ears.

1.Studs Earrings: relatively small, suitable for boys and girls, and more lifelike, there is nothing to worry about when wearing them. It is more suitable for standard face shapes. It is basically useless for other face shapes to use ear studs to modify the face shape!

2.Eardrop: The eardrop and the earring are actually the same thing, but the design may be heavier or the jewelry is used as the decoration, more alive and relatively more attractive. You need to choose the appropriate eardrop according to the face shape.

3.Ear Cuff: People without ear piercings can wear ear clips. Ear cuffs are not suitable for long-term wear, which can cause ear redness and swelling. People who are not allergic to ear cuff, studs and earrings are recommended.

Earrings are made of stainless steel, plastic, alloy, silver, gold, etc. Brand, style and material all affect the price.


Less Than $10 Earrings Recommended

1.Simple And Classic Daith Earring

D.Bella Rosegold Heart Shaped Daith Cartilage Earring Hoop Left Right 16G Piercing Ring



2.Simple And Classic 16g Cartilage Earrings

D.Bella Simple and classic 16g cartilage earrings


3.The X - Shaped Cross With Diamonds Ear Clip 

D.Bella 8mm inner diameter X - shaped diamond ear clip




4.Simple S Twist

D.Bella 16G 10MM S Twist Nose/Lip/Eyebrow Ring Helix/Tragus/Cartilage Earrings


5.Captive Bead Ring

Plum CZ Septum Ring Cartilage Helix Hoop Earring



6.Simple And Classic Hoop Earrings

D.Bella 18G U Shape Crystal Hoop Earrings Silver Rosegold



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How do you get your ears pierced in the first place without it getting infected?

It is recommended not to touch the ear for a week after the piercing, do not touch water, occasionally use alcohol to disinfect, and then wear pure silver or gold earrings after a week.

Do not play the ear piercing in too hot also do not play in too cold, is not conducive to the ear piercing recovery, spring and autumn are a good time to play the ear piercing.

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