Precautions and maintenance knowledge for navel piercing
Sep 2022



Precautions and maintenance knowledge for navel piercing

1. It is recommended to use a longer rod for the first navel piercing, 10mm and 12mm are more common, so that it can be made thicker, because the skin will gradually become tight and thinner as it heals.

2. You cannot exercise vigorously within two weeks after the piercing is completed🤨, especially the exercise involving the abdomen is absolutely forbidden, and the exercise within two months should be moderate and moderate, and beware of secondary cracking of the wound, which will affect the recovery and the formation of hyperplasia. Before resuming, clean up the piercing in time after exercising, as sweat can irritate the wound and possibly cause infection.

3. It is not recommended to touch the water for seven days🌊, you can use sterile navel stickers to stick it in the bath, it is very convenient, erythromycin ointment is also acceptable, but it is not recommended, it is recommended not to swim within two months🏊‍♀️, hot springs♨️, Take a bath🛀, Spa, the main idea is not to let the wound touch the water, especially the water;

4. During the recovery period, try to wear low-waisted trousers and loose tops, especially sweaters, do not scratch the navel rings, and do not fiddle with the navel nails with your hands unless it is necessary for cleaning;


5. Because it takes a long time to restore the new belly button ring after piercing, you can buy your favorite belly button rings online 💎 and take them to the piercing shop for belly piercing. It is best to communicate with the piercer and listen to the purchase. Ask the piercer's opinion, don't wear too heavy jewelry for the first time, it is not conducive to recovery;

6. Do not use alcohol to disinfect⚠️, it is too irritating, medical iodine can be used for disinfection, spray Baiduobang spray in the morning and evening to prevent inflammation and swelling, and also can clean the wound by the way. This operation is suitable for the first seven days of recovery In the case of redness, swelling and inflammation in the early stage and later stage (engraved with oral anti-inflammatory drugs), you can replace it with medical saline for cleaning after seven days. Be careful not to over-clean⚠️, once in the morning and evening;

 cleaning belly button piercing with cue tip

7. If during the recovery period, especially when you wake up in the morning, you find that the wound has formed a scab due to the outflow of tissue fluid and blood, you can use a cotton swab dipped in medical saline to soften the scab, and use a clean cotton swab to slowly clean it up and keep it at all times. Clean and dry the piercing;


8. The period of taboo should be maintained for one to two weeks. Spicy, seafood, beef and mutton, alcohol, etc. are not edible⚠️, especially seafood, beef and mutton, eggs and other hair products, to prevent proliferation, and cigarettes can not be smoked, affect wound healing;


9. After about 30 days, you can observe the state by yourself and then change the nails💎.

belly button piercing

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