What do you know about body piercings?
Aug 2022



What do you know about body piercings?

Various piercings such as ear piercing, nose, belly button, lip, eyebrow, tongue ... Everything you need.


  1. The Belly Button Rings

belly rings

Many beauty-loving girls will choose to make themselves more sexy belly button nails, as a decoration, especially in summer when wearing midriff clothes to make you more dazzling.

What to do when you Pierce your navel:

You don't want it to be tight and you want it to be relaxed, or you'll bleed.

Do not move so that the dress is crooked or thin.

Do not inhale while piercing, otherwise the navel ring will fall off and you will face a second piercing.

After puncture, try to avoid lifting heavy objects or things that rely on the stomach to exert force, or it will bleed.


  1. Lip rings & tongue rings

lip ring

Perforations in the oral area: tongue nails, lip nails, dimple nails. . Pay attention to try to use liquid food instead of liquid food for the first three days of perforation, and remember to rinse your mouth immediately after eating to maintain oral hygiene.

During the recovery period, if you have any questions, be sure to contact the piercer in time!


  1. Get their ears pierced


Here's what you must know about manual ear piercing!

① The earrings of the traditional stud gun are blunt nails forced into the skin, which not only hurts the ear hole but also hurts the skin tissue

② Because it is not sharp enough, forced into, easy to lead to ear hole skin eversion, hyperplasia, and can not be as complete as manual perforation disinfection.

③ A week before the new ear hole needs to be waterproof. Apply erythromycin ointment before washing and bathing, and clean up the excess erythromycin with a dry cotton stick after washing.

④ Ten days more than the ear hole inflamed, need to use alcohol or salt water to clean the ear hole, repeatedly clean the hole several times, and then coated with more than 100 state anti-inflammatory, continuous nursing for a week. If the secretion can be wiped out, it is necessary to push, turn and press the stud at the same time to make the secretion in the hole exude to clean up. Twice a day for a week.

⑤ Do not deliberately go to turn the earring, the earring will not stick in the meat, a week later you can wipe alcohol, the ear hole clean up and then turn the earring. It is recommended to wear the earrings continuously for the past 6 months to avoid the hole growing.


If possible, try to get your ears pierced in a regular place.


 4 the eyebrow rings


① Keep the area dry and breathable after puncture, and try to avoid contact with body wash, shampoo and facial cleanser when bathing.

② After disinfection 1-2 times a day, do not use irritating liquid to disinfect, the recovery of the wound with alcohol disinfection will kill the new cells leading to wound healing, it is recommended to use iodophor smear perforation site.

③ A week before the bath needs to be waterproof, before the bath, the wound is coated with erythromycin ointment and then washed, washed with a dry cotton rod to clean up the excess erythromycin, erythromycin is not easy to clean up thoroughly, the remaining point in the skin without tube.

④ You can take vitamin C to help the skin grow, the nails do not need to rotate after surgery, sterling silver jewelry will not stick to the wound. The sensitive period after piercing is one week, complete recovery needs at least 1 month, 1 month after the replacement of ornaments.

⑤ Do not pull decorations by hand, avoid spicy food and alcohol within three days after surgery.

Restrain your cheap hands, do not pull the jewelry with your hands during the recovery period!

It is easier to put a nail in than to raise it.

If you can survive the recovery period, congratulations, you will have a beautiful decorative hole.

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