About Piercing jewelry
May 2022



About Piercing jewelry

Piercing on the body is a kind of alternative human performance art that arose in the Middle of the last century in Britain. In the early stage, the traditional ear piercing, Indian nose piercing, Afrikaans bone nose piercing and Indian feather forehead piercing tribal cultures were mainly used for reference. Later, it became popular around the world due to the "punk wave" in the UK in the 1970s and the "hippie movement" in the United States at the same time. Rock music, tattoos, graffiti, and body piercing were the main ways for young people to express their individuality.


Piercing jewelry generally has Piercing jewelry two common Piercing forms, flat and Piercing. Piercing eyebrow, piercing umbilicus, clavicular ring, some cervical vertebra, and hand perforation belong to flat piercing, it is to point to puncture the skin with a puncture needle, via subcutaneous tissue, from the same surface skin, put in ornaments. The tongue ring, lip ring, and ear hole belong to penetrating; It is to pass through the skin and flesh fiber with a puncture needle, wear out from the other side of the skin, and place decorations.

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