Body piercing || Precautions before and after piercing
Nov 2022



Body piercing || Precautions before and after piercing

  1. Taboo

1. People with skin disease, heart disease, blood disease and diabetes should not try body piercing.

2. Women should avoid menstrual period, pregnancy and breastfeeding period for piercing.

3. It is not advisable to perform piercing after drunk.

4. The perforation should be delayed if there is strenuous exercise or physical activity in the near future.

      2. Matters needing attention

1. Within one week after piercing, do not eat spicy food, do not drink alcohol, and eat less seafood, beef and mutton.

2. Try to avoid touching the puncture site with water. Waterproof band-aids can be attached for protection when touching water. If the wound touches water, blot the water dry as soon as possible, and then spray the medicine for disinfection.

3. Avoid strenuous exercise, avoid scratching, pulling and oppressing the puncture site. Can lead to prolonged recovery time and even inflammation.

4. Take care of the wound every day, don't be lazy.

    3. Piercing wound care

Wound care is divided into early, middle and late stages. For specific time, please refer to my previous puncture guide: recovery time period of puncture

1. Early care

a. If the wound still has pain, bleeding, tissue fluid, etc., after cleaning hands, spray Bactobang spray/iodine, and use cotton swabs or cotton balls to clean the bleeding, blood scab, tissue fluid scab, etc. around the wound. 1-2 times a day.

b. Do not take off the jewelry for nursing at this time, and clean up the scabs on the jewelry to prevent secondary scratches on the wound caused by sticking to the jewelry.

c. It is strictly forbidden to contact bacteria to prevent wound infection.

d. Do not spray medicine on the skin and mucous membranes (mouth, nasal cavity, etc.), if there is scab, clean it with 0.9% normal saline.

2. Interim care

a. If there is no sign of infection, the use of disinfectants can be reduced, and 0.9% normal saline can be used for daily care.

b. Once every 1 to 2 days, rinse the wound with normal saline and dry it with a cotton swab, or soak the puncture site with sterilized cotton balls in normal saline and apply lightly to the puncture site for 5 to 10 minutes for more thorough care.

c. When the wound is no longer painful, the surface is relatively smooth, and the secretion is less, you can take off the jewelry for a more thorough dressing care, clean and disinfect the jewelry, and then put it on in time. If you can't grasp the time and strength well, you can ignore this step and continue to wear jewelry for care.

d. When there is slight inflammation such as redness, swelling and pus, apply it 1-2 times a day for anti-inflammation.

3. Post-care

After the piercing is healed, it is still necessary to clean the secretion regularly. The secretion at this time is a normal metabolism, but if it is not cleaned, it may cause the piercing to smell and even oxidize and corrode the jewelry.

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