Everything you need to know about body piercing
Dec 2022



Everything you need to know about body piercing


1. Try to avoid staying up late before and after piercing. Unhealthy work and rest will easily lead to decreased immunity, which will lead to prolonged recovery period and increased chance of other malignant conditions. Maintain a good mental and physical condition.
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2. Most of the conventional perforation sites only wear straight rods during the recovery period (the first month) after the perforation. Rings, curved nails, special-shaped nails and other styles have a relatively heavier burden on the local area. (Straight rods are more conducive to recovery than other types of earrings)

3. Foods to avoid for 1-2 weeks after piercing, mainly spicy, alcoholic, and hairy: beef, mutton, goose, ginger, garlic, etc. Hair products are more likely to cause chain adverse reactions in the body.

4. Try to avoid touching the pierced part with water within one week after piercing. If you accidentally get wet, wipe it dry with cotton swabs, cotton balls, or blow dry in time. Avoid lying on your side when sleeping with ear piercings.

5. The need to turn the nail is a misunderstanding. Turning the nail at the initial stage of recovery will only cause partial wound cracking and prolong the recovery period.

6. After daily disinfection, keep the local and surrounding areas clean and dry. There is no need for excessive care, and the right medicine will be prescribed for other conditions. In case of inflammation and suppuration, first disinfect and squeeze out the pus, and use normal saline (sodium chloride solution) to clean according to the situation, and then supplement with Bactobang. Infection can be used (without hydrochloride) levofloxacin as the case may be. Ask your piercer if you don't understand.

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