How to choose the right style and size of perforation jewelry?
May 2022



How to choose the right style and size of perforation jewelry?

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Choosing jewelry for a new piercing is obviously different from buying a ring to wear on your finger. Because body jewelry is worn inside the wound and in contact with your internal tissue, only certain products are appropriate. The appearance of jewelry placed in your new piercing must be secondary to aspects that affect safety and compatibility with your body. The size, style, material and quality of the initial piece of jewelry all affect your ability to heal. Keep in mind that the piercing position is fixed, but the jewelry can be replaced after successful healing. As the body jewelry industry is rife with substandard products, piercers and clients can forget that cost alone should never be the key factor in your purchase. When choosing body jewelry for a new piercing,


Please consider the following:


💍 Puncture ornament material


💎 Jewelry quality (and other things to know)


💍 Selection of threading mode


💎 Jewelry size and style selection


Today I'm going to focus on the choice of size and style of accessories:


💞 must be of a length or diameter suitable for your unique anatomy and perforation location. Jewelry that is too tight does not allow air and blood circulation or normal discharge from the piercing. Ill-fitting jewelry that is too small can increase the likelihood of swelling, embedding and other complications, and that is too large can increase the likelihood of sticking and excessive trauma.


💞 must have proper gauge (thickness). The body may treat jewelry that is too thin as if it were a shard, leading to migration or rejection.


💞 must be suitable for your body type and piercing position. A ring works best in some areas, a straight or curved strip in others, and special jewelry (such as nostril screws or Lapre studs) for specific locations.


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