Nose Piercing: How to Convince Your Parents?
Aug 2022



Nose Piercing: How to Convince Your Parents?

Getting your first nose piercing is though especially when you need get your parents approval! Whether one is in high school or currently married with kids, parent’s approval about things means a lot to them. Who does not remember those days when mom would disapprove of a short skirt or a weird looking t-shirt and we were frog marched into our room to change the attire for the day! With piercings and other accessories, it would be the same thing. However, if you are smart, you can convince your parents about piercing. Here are some simple ways to do it.

Try out Fake Nose Piercings

Fake nose rings

Fake nose ring is here to help you! You want nose piercing badly, but not sure how to convince your parents so, you test their reaction with fake nose ring. They might like it and encourage you to get a real one. In case they don't approve it you can just it is temporary only and wait until they get used to your fake nose ring on your face and when the time is right you make it a real nose piercing. But make sure you take enough time to get them used to your new looks. Patience always pays.

Show them good role models with nose piercing!

Show them some of the famous or popular figure who are nose pierced! Make sure they are good role models!

Do some Googling and find out famous figures in local area, city and country. Who is the most famous person who has a nose piercing? Miley Cyrus tops our list. Christina Aguilera, Kelis has her septum pierced, and so on!

Several famous men also have nose piercings. Male nose piercing aficionado Lenny Kravitz wears a hoop ring, musician Keith Flint has several face piercings, Tommy Lee and other famous girls and guys with nose piercings include Chris Brown, Jordan Sparks, and Kelly Clarkson.

If don't prefer the above celebrities look for famous sport figures.

Show them Photos of Indian Women with Nose Piercing:

The funny thing about culture and traditions is that they are different in different parts of the world. What would be weird for your parents is actually an everyday thing back in countries like India. You would not even have to look for National Geographic channel to show them Indian women with nose rings, just search for the term on Google or some search engine. The fact that Indian women are quite beautiful in a different way and many of them know how to dress wicked nice, helps, and your parents might just agree to the idea after looking at the way Indian women carry off nose rings.

Promise them you will use ‘small’ accessories:

D.Bella nose ring L Shape

Your parents will not have issue with a small piercings, as much as they would have with something protruding out of your nose! So, promise mom and dad that you will only use small piercings, like studs, nose rings, etc. When it comes to jewelry, a good thumb rule is not to wear anything that would larger than your forefinger nail area. Think about it, you certainly wouldn’t want to go around lugging a heavy nose ring for the simple fact that the weight in question can actually cause your nose to deform. It’s a fact that the weight of the nose ring will place a stress on the nose, causing the hole to widen over a period of time, more the reason as to why you should opt for small rather than big.

Tell them it is not permanent, if they want so.

No piercings are permanent, unless you want it to be. Even if you have an ear piercing, if you do not wear the accessory for a while, the hole will fill up and it will be as if nothing ever happened! This might be the best way to convince the parents about a piercing. Remember, if you’re intent on making a fashion statement, it might be a good idea to go trendy. And here’s the added bonus, parents are more apt to agree to this if you can convince them that the nose piercing is not permanent and as an added bonus, you would be opting for a light wear trendy nose ring as opposed to clunky and heavy ones.

They might be worried about infection!

Your parents might be worried about developing a nasal piercing infection. You want to give you some reassurance: First, what you believe is an infection might be nothing more than the normal healing process. And second, if you do get an infection, it will not necessarily be harmful to you.

Someone who has a fresh nose pierce might notice an infection bump, which can resemble an early keloid scar. Don't worry; these types of bumps are easy to treat! The most important thing is to take the proper basic care and follow instructions as you would for any body piercing. Your best source of advice is, of course, your piercing professional.

These are just some of the ways in which one can convince parents about nose piercing. Piercing your nose are a complicated thing, because it is just in the middle of the face, and if you happen to live in a society and culture that frowns upon such things, you may still find it difficult to convince your parents about it.






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