Nostril Ring And Septum Ring Q&A/Notes (Part 1)
Oct 2022



Nostril Ring And Septum Ring Q&A/Notes (Part 1)

Common Problem

1. Does it hurt? 🙆

Neither position is painful, but both are sore.

If I had to say whether it hurt or not, it would be

Septum > Nostril > Earlobe

Septum ring

It was very sore, and the pain was like pinching the forearm a little bit hard.
Pain relief with a little more cold air.


An acquaintance piercer gave it to wear, not sore at all.

Usually, the piercing is done the piercing is done, It doesn't bleed or hurts, but it looks good.

Pain like biting a finger.

2. The recovery period/and whether the inflammation will be very painful and troublesome.


It's actually fine, but it's more painful than the piercing.

If the side nail is inflamed, it recovers and becomes inflamed again.

The recovery period will be longer.

Note: Do not drink alcohol during the recovery period,


During the recovery period of the nasal septum ring, eat a light diet, and control not to get angry, it will recover in about a week.


During the recovery period, you must not binge eat, drink, or smoke. You must wait until the recovery period is over, otherwise it will be really tiresome to prolong the recovery period indefinitely.

During the recovery period, you can spray with iodine (do not use alcohol!!)

3. Impact on life (washing face and makeup, blowing nose, picking nostrils, whether students can get pierced, and work impact) 💁💁

This one 🌟 is more to read carefully~

🌟Blow your nose and pick your nose: As long as you want to pick your nose, nothing will stop you. Just after the piercing is finished, it is not a big problem to pick your nose.

If you blow your nose, it is forbidden for patients with severe rhinitis.

🌟 Face wash and makeup: It doesn't affect at all, just be careful not to touch it

🌟 Can students get pierced: it doesn't matter if it's a university

High school or even junior high school kids, don't worry, just go to college and get pierced.

Piercing ≠ bad guy

Don't pay too much attention to the public's opinion, a person's youth is only once, and your youth is yours to control.

🌟Work impact: You can wear a septum ring, wear a horseshoe ring, if you want to take it out, take it out, if you want to hide it, you can hide it

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