Nostril Ring And Septum Ring Q&A/Notes (Part 2)
Oct 2022



Nostril Ring And Septum Ring Q&A/Notes (Part 2)

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🌟4. Facial fit🌟

In fact, the position of the nasal septum is very suitable for piercing in the atrium or people with medium length. There is an extra ring on the nose side, which can enhance the three-dimensionality of the face.

There are a lot of people who are suitable for the nose pin. I think the nose will become three-dimensional visually after wearing it.

This principle may be that a beautiful nose is enlarged and beautiful, a nose that is not so beautiful can enhance the overall atmosphere, and sisters with a not-so-beautiful nose can also be brave and rush!

These two parts of the nose are also very suitable for girls who are more European and American, tribal, and black.

🌟5.Material and selection of nostril ring and septum ring🌟

🌟 No matter where the piercing is, use nickel-free titanium alloy jewelry to restore it! ! ! Or import medical steel!!

Please don't buy some cheap rings during the recovery period. Everyone should know what happens to the wound.

Of course, 18k gold can also be used. If you can find a jewelry manufacturer to customize it, or you can search for keywords yourself.

Silver jewelry is a big unusable!!

nose ring

🌟Nostril ring:

 The nose studs here must use jewelry with a flat bottom and an inner spiral of 1.2mm.

Flat bottom, base length 6mm or 8mm. (It does not have to be tightly clamped like ear studs; during the recovery period, a small piece of base must be used to recover)

🌟Septum Ring

There are several types of options for this part:

Clicker, Captive Bead Rings, Horseshoe Rings

Be cautious or don't use if there are other strange types of rings.

You can buy a 10mm or 8mm ring for the first nasal septum piercing.

What type of ring to buy depends on your style.

Clicker ring

If you use a beautiful ring or some exaggerated rings when piercing, the piercer will help you to wear it again. Please don't worry about the problem of not being able to wear it, and it is not necessary to use a very basic ring during the recovery period.

It's not that the base ring is not beautiful, the base ring of titanium alloy is ok.

🌟6. How do I change my nose piercing and nose ring for the first time?

!! Be sure to buy a 1.2mm guide needle!!

If you are not very confident, or there is no recovery period, please refer to the piercer for treatment.

🌟7. Care precautions after piercing🌟

Perforated iodine cures everything

spray, spray, wipe, apply.

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