What material jewelry is suitable for professional body piercing?
Dec 2022



What material jewelry is suitable for professional body piercing?

🖤When body piercing became popular in the middle of the 20th century, professional piercers and enthusiasts have been trying and eliminating various jewelry made of different materials for people, including gold, silver, and stainless steel, and now they are widely used all over the world. Best Metal for Body Piercing: Titanium.

🖤Titanium is a very healthy and stable metal, and it does not cause any allergic reactions to the human body. Will not oxidize and discolor, bright and not deformed, resistant to strong acids and alkalis, and corrosion-resistant.
⚠️ About silver jewelry It will not only oxidize and turn black! It is very troublesome to clean up your piercing wound black! Also very ugly! Who would want to have a black hole in their piercing? Silver jewelry is also very easy to deform, and most of the silver jewelry is relatively thin, which is very easy to cause secondary damage!

❌Silver jewelry is also very easy to cause pus and inflammation in many people's wounds! He can barely wear the healed earlobe piercing!

🖤Currently, the commonly used puncture products for the human body are divided into titanium steel, pure titanium, and medical titanium alloy. Among them, titanium alloy is the best and does not contain nickel. It is used to manufacture medical devices implanted in the human body, prostheses or auxiliary treatment equipment for artificial organs. There are mainly titanium 6 aluminum 4 vanadium, titanium 5 aluminum 2.5 tin and other alloys. The strength, density and mechanical properties are close to those of human bone.

🖤Medical implant grade titanium alloy is the best choice, and it is also a material certified by the International Puncture Association. In contrast, most domestic nails are made of stainless steel, which is easy to cause inflammation and infection. If you are allergic to metals, please be sure Choose titanium alloy jewelry to ensure the safe recovery of your piercing ❤️❤️

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