What type of nose ring should I wear?
Jul 2022



What type of nose ring should I wear?

If you're considering getting your nose pierced and wondering what styles of piercing jewelry you should ask for, you first need to know what types of nose rings are available. There are basically 5 options for nose piercing jewelry: Nose Bone, Nose Screw, Labret Stud and so on.

Types of Nose Piercings 

septum piercing

Nose Septum  The septum piercing is the oldest recorded nose piercing that we know of. They normally go through the skin at the bottom of the nose, coming out of both nostrils.

Not everyone can have one though unfortunately. If your septum is in any way crooked, it is a no-go. Septum jewellery are the most popular choice for septum piercings but you can get many other piercing rings for your septum.

 bridge piercing i

Bridge Piercing  –  A bridge piercing is one of the strangest looking piercings you can get, but it is actually quite awesome.<br
 Again, the clue is in the name, the piercing goes through the tip, or ‘bridge’ of your nose. Although this might seem painful, it actually only goes through the skin, which also allows for a quicker healing time.

There is, however, a higher risk of migration when it comes to bridge piercings, which is when the body rejects the placement of piercing and begins moving it. For this reason, a curved barbell is the jewellery of choice for this procedure.​

Nostril   – The nostril piercing is the most popular nose piercing type that there is. It is the one that we see most celebrities sporting when they have nose piercings.

The description is in the name, as a nostril piercing is simply any piercing which goes through the nostril, and can be placed from either side.

Almost any jewellery type is suitable for a nostril piercing as it is a very easy area to get pierced, making it such a popular choice among body modifiers.

There are a number of different types of hoops available that can be used as nose rings, including segment ringscaptive bead rings, and seamless rings. Whichever variety you choose, if you go with an actual nose hoop, the trick is to get one that fits close to your nostril

Nose Piercing Jewellery Types

Nose Screw

Nose screws are short, hooked posts like the one shown to the top-left. The way you twist a nostril screw into a nostril piercing is what makes the name appropriate. There are right bend and left bend nose screws; you choose one or the other depending on which nostril you have pierced, so it will fit inside your nostril more comfortably.



nose bone

Nose Bone

A nose bone is a short post with a decorative top that sits against the nostril and a slightly bulbous bottom that keeps the post in your nostril piercing. They just pop in and out of nostril piercings, sometimes with minor resistance due to their bulbous bottoms.



Septum Piercing


Nose Ring

A nose ring is as it sounds: a circular hoop or ring which goes through the nostril from the outside and loops around. They are usually smaller and thinner than septum jewellery.


 L shape nose rings

Nose Stud

A nose stud has an L shape, and may even be referred to as an ‘L-shaped nose stud’. It is a simple design and is inserted through the skin of the nostril.


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